Englewood, Florida Bridges Clearances and Water Depths


Englewood, Florida, known for its stunning Gulf Coast vistas and active boating community, offers more than just scenic beauty. The area is dotted with vital bridges that play crucial roles in transportation and recreation. This guide provides detailed information on the clearance heights and water depths of these bridges, which is essential for both real estate considerations and maritime activities. This edition includes updates on Gottfried Creek and the Boca Grande Causeway.

Englewood’s Bridges: Detailed Insights into Heights and Depths

1. Tom Adams Bridge

  • Location: Connects the mainland to Manasota Key.
  • Height Clearance: 26 feet at mean high water.
  • Water Depth: Approximately 20 feet.

As a major route to Manasota Key, the Tom Adams Bridge’s high clearance and deep water accommodate a variety of boats, enhancing the key’s accessibility and real estate allure.

2. Beach Road Bridge

  • Location: Spans the Intracoastal Waterway on Beach Road.
  • Height Clearance: 12 feet at mean high water.
  • Water Depth: About 15 feet.

This bridge links important recreational areas and supports local traffic to several beaches, suited for smaller watercraft due to its lower clearance.

3. Ainger Creek Bridge

  • Location: Over Ainger Creek near Old Englewood Road.
  • Height Clearance: 8 feet at mean high water.
  • Water Depth: Roughly 5 feet.

This bridge facilitates local movements and impacts the types of water activities possible in Ainger Creek due to its limited clearance and depth.

4. Gottfried Creek Bridge

  • Location: Crosses Gottfried Creek.
  • Height Clearance: 10 feet at mean high water.
  • Water Depth: Approximately 4 feet.

Gottfried Creek Bridge caters primarily to small boats and watercraft, playing a key role in local traffic and property access along the creek.

5. Boca Grande Causeway Bridge

  • Location: Connects the mainland to Gasparilla Island.
  • Height Clearance: 22 feet at mean high water.
  • Water Depth: About 25 feet.

This causeway is a critical infrastructure component for Boca Grande, supporting both residential and tourist traffic. Its significant clearance and depth facilitate the easy passage of larger vessels, influencing both lifestyle and property values on Gasparilla Island.

Implications for Real Estate and Boating

Englewood’s bridges not only enhance connectivity but also significantly influence the local real estate market and boating culture. High-clearance bridges like the Tom Adams and Boca Grande Causeway support a thriving boating community and uplift property values in their vicinities. Meanwhile, bridges with lower clearances like Ainger Creek and Gottfried Creek may limit access to larger vessels but create exclusive environments for smaller watercraft enthusiasts.


The bridges of Englewood, Florida are integral to both the community’s lifestyle and its real estate market. Knowing the details of these bridges helps residents, potential buyers, and boating aficionados make informed decisions. Whether you’re considering a property investment or planning your next nautical adventure, understanding the dynamics of local infrastructure is key. Englewood’s network of bridges not only supports its current needs but also shapes its future development.

Is there another aspect of Englewood’s infrastructure or community features you would like to explore further? Let us know, and we might cover it in our next post!

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