Costco, Wellen Park

Wellen Park is rapidly becoming a bustling hub for shopping and dining, thanks to its diverse range of stores and the exciting addition of a new Costco. Here’s an overview of the shopping scene around Wellen Park and the details on the newly planned Costco store.

Costco Comes to Wellen Park

Costco, the popular wholesale retailer known for its vast selection of bulk items and excellent member services, is set to open a new location in Wellen Park. This 151,000-square-foot warehouse will not only bring a wide array of products and a 24-pump gas kiosk but also hundreds of jobs, ranging from entry-level to management positions. The store is part of the expansion that aims to cater to the growing community in North Port and the surrounding areas​ (Town Chronicle –)​​ (Wellen Park)​.

Shopping and Dining at Wellen Park

Wellen Park is designed as a mixed-use development with a focus on community and convenience. The downtown area, known as Downtown Wellen, is the heart of this development, featuring a variety of retail, restaurant, and service options. Shoppers can enjoy boutiques, home decor stores like Breakwater Home Fashions, and wellness-oriented services such as Paint Nail Bar, which offers a toxin-free environment for manicures and pedicures​.

Restaurants in Downtown Wellen cater to a range of tastes, from American and Italian cuisines to seafood and ice cream. Notable dining spots include The Banyan House and Mirabella’s Italian Coastal Cuisine, ensuring that residents and visitors have a plethora of dining options​ (Wellen Park)​.

Recreational and Social Spaces

In addition to shopping and dining, Downtown Wellen offers various recreational and social spaces. These include a hammock grove, Solis Hall for events, and a unique playground that blends into its natural surroundings. For those interested in outdoor activities, Kind Vibes Outfitters provides kayak, paddleboard, and bicycle rentals​.

The introduction of Costco and the continuous development of Wellen Park are set to enhance the living experience by providing convenience and a vibrant community space for residents and visitors alike. As Wellen Park grows, it continues to attract more businesses and services, contributing to its reputation as one of the fastest-selling master-planned communities in the U.S.

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